Utah Track & Field Foundation

The Utah Track & Field Foundation (hereinafter "Foundation") was incorporated in May of 2006. The Foundation was granted non profit 501(c)(3) status from IRS in November of 2007. The Foundation is currently applying for foundation grants that will be used primarily to staff the foundation with qualified people to implement the Foundations purpose. The foundation will raise money primarily through contacts with major corporations and small business. The Foundation will also implement the “Track & Field Alumni annual donor campaign”. This campaign will target those who ran Track & Field as a way to give back to the sport with a contribution annually no matter how large or small.

The Foundations plan is to improve Track & Field where it is needed most. First we plan to facilitate online education and testing that will result in the certification of those who volunteer to work track meets. Thus having more qualified officials volunteering to work the track meets. Second we plan to acquire equipment such as timing equipment that will be loaned to the schools when they organize track meets. Hand held stop watches do not give consistent and accurate time for the kids. Third we want to have an annual awards event to recognize the many volunteers who work track and field meets in Utah. Volunteers will respond to and do a better job when their efforts are rewarded with a little praise and a big thank-you.